Bunner contents

Bunner is a turn-based, top-down, 2d puzzler that I am creating bit-by-bit. See the top of the following table for the latest version & notes, or start at the bottom where it all begins.

Each release is accompanied by an article giving some background details and explaining various aspects of the code. These will probably get more detailed as time goes by.

The game Article GitHub
0.5 Four levels and a grass tile Bunner looks better The grass is greener
0.4 Same as before, but nicer Clean up after Bunner Refactoring data structures
0.3 Three levels and free movement Bunner breaks free Three is the magic number
0.2 Rudimentary graphics and a second tile. Bunner takes a walk Twice as nice
0.1 A single level with a single tile. Just wait. Bunner An exercise in minimalism