Logo showing the site author’s name — Bobby Jack — as a collage made up of game screenshots

A line drawing of me, a beardy white bloke Hi, I’m Bobby, a software developer / video game enthusiast / struggling writer from near the sea in soggy old England.


See all Nintendo Switch reviews for the complete set. I am also writing a series of One Hour reviews which are more concise, and cover games I’ve played briefly, for free. And there’s more: I’ve recently started a series of ‘Switch Notes’, which summarise a game in ten points I consider most important.

I also write reviews for Switch Player magazine.


I have a huge amount of software I’ve cobbled together over the years, gathering dust on my hard-drive. Some of this is worthy of releasing, and I’ll be doing exactly that, slowly. First up is Stealthtacks, a simple Pinboard client.

As of October 2019, I’m working on a little experiment called Bunner, a simple turn-based 2d puzzle game.

I’ll release more in due course, probably first via GitHub.

All Nintendo Switch games

I’m maintaining a league table of all the Switch games I’ve played, whether I’ve reviewed them or not. It will be updated regularly, and the latest version will always be available here. Spoiler alert: Breath of the Wild is the greatest Nintendo Switch game, and will probably remain so.


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