Bunner takes a walk

Version 0.2

This version introduces a second tile, containing a flag, representing the win condition. Bunner can now move but this is still largely hard-coded to handle the single movement that can actually be made in the level.

Sprites — for Bunner and the flag — are simply strings of characters which get split up into two-dimensional arrays (by the processDataString function). Each sprite contains different characters which, in turn, represent different colors. So, for example, in the sprite:


x represents one color, y another. For now, Bunner and the flag are both 8x8 sprites, each ‘cell’ taking up 4x4 pixels on-screen for a total 32x32, which is our current tile size. Note that this creates sprites that are ‘edge-to-edge’ which might well be revisited in future.

The dialog() function, which allows us to inform the user when they've completed the level, is not ideal, and may be replaced when we eventually build a proper ‘full-screen’ experience. Still, I wanted some way of showing the user their final move!

The codebase is now roughly twice the size of the previous version. Next time round, I plan to implement movement more meaningfully, and possibly refine the sprite mechanism.