One Hour reviews

This series is a desperate attempt to save money by reviewing games that are, for the most part, free. Whether that’s demos, game jam things on itch, or anything anyone cares to donate to me in some form, if I didn’t have to pay for it, I’ll give it a brief review with these conditions:

Pocket Mini Golf

A reasonable game of mini golf somewhat spoiled by unorthodox progression.

Jumping Joe & Friends

A cheery, mindless game that reduces platforming to its absolute minimum.

Mini Trains

Although it’s fairly playable, Mini Trains bolts on too many unnecessary features at the expense of its core gameplay.

Puzzle Book

Puzzle Book is a decent jigsaw puzzle simulator, although it doesn't have a big list of features — or puzzles, for that matter.


Robonauts is a basic, but fun, shooter/platformer. It’s a welcome genre combination, and the interplanetary travel adds a lot of depth.

Not Not — A Brain Buster

Not Not is a fast-paced, fun, addictive brain teaser with enough content to kill a couple of hours.

Coloring Book

A bare-bones coloring book app that’s worth its asking price

Patrick’s Parabox

A genuinely innovative take on the 2d puzzler produces a very solid concept which will live or die on level design

Tiny Fragments

A simple-concept puzzler with plenty of possibilities

Welcome to Elk

An engaging storyline and memorable characters liven up this short demo

Lola — The Escape

A bitesize adventure platformer with lots of character

Garden Story

For a game that contains so many different elements, this demo teases just enough to have me begging for more

Mystical Samurai

This is a real joy, a retro title done so well that it’s slightly cruel it’s not a full game!

Card Hog

Perfect for mobile, but with added depth than that implies, Card Hog plays great and is evolving fast!

Gum Girl

Tight arcade action dressed up in a Gameboy costume. Ride the bubble!

Baby Dino Adventures

A highly-promising bundle of classic platforming action.

Lunar Station

An unnerving experience makes this atmospheric ‘short’ fresh & fun.


This small game distills the essence of the survival genre with some highly inventive mechanics.

Strikey Sisters Demo

A simple twist on a classic concept, with plenty of content in the demo.

Ori and the Blind Forest Demo

Gorgeous audio/visuals and a promising adventure, but I end up on the fence.

Yellow Fins Demo

Yellow Fins looks OK, but it’s just a mobile game with very little appeal, and the demo does it no favours at all.


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