Lola — The Escape Demo

Played on: Mac, via

A bitesize adventure platformer with lots of character


This is a very early-stage demo: no music or sound, no settings: just the one level to get on with. This also mean the constant on-screen presence of button overlays, which are presumably something to do with a possible touch-screen build.


The game itself — at least, this level — is a simple platformer with three controls: left, right, jump. Some areas get unlocked and there’s at least one hidden shortcut. You can immobilise some enemies, but combat is totally absent: this is a platformer all about avoiding danger.


In addition to the basics, Lola can float when the jump button is held — this is an essential move to avoid certain obstacles. It’s not a common mechanic, but it works really well here.

Gato Roboto

Aspects of this demo reminded me of Gato Roboto, and it shares a similar charm; I’m not sure quite how far it will push the metroidvania aspect in the full game, but the planned 36 levels should result in a good-sized challenge.


Visually, the game is very Super Mario World-esque, and the main character Lola is full of character: her death animation is hilarious the first time you see it! All round, the game looks great, and I particularly liked the dimly-lit room shown in the screenshot. In fact, in gameplay terms too, that room was probably the highlight of the level.


The overall challenge is set at a good level, and it’s a promising start for this delightful concept.

Lola — The Escape is being developed by Hujiol Games.