All Nintendo Switch games

This is a list of all Nintendo Switch games that I’ve played, in approximate order of preference, as of Feb 2020. This is just my opinion, which is highly subjective and is based purely on how I’m feeling today. I revise the list regularly; titles may go up as well as down.

Games that I’ve reviewed are linked to that review. All others are awaiting review. They are strong candidates for moving in the list when that review happens.

Games in bold are new to the list since the last time.

  1. Breath of the Wild
  2. Super Mario Odyssey
  3. Super Mario Maker 2
  4. Hollow Knight
  5. Celeste
  6. Tetris 99
  7. Baba Is You — I’m still playing this amazing puzzler, from time-to-time, since it has so much post-game content.
  8. Star Wars Pinball — Although I’ve yet to review it (because I’ve still only played a handful of tables included!), this game has made me fall in love with Pinball again!
  9. Golf Story
  10. Ring Fit Adventure — It’s difficult to compare this fitness game with others, but it’s certainly well done and fairly effective so far.
  11. Don’t Starve
  12. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
  13. Yoku’s Island Express — I’ve placed this highly entertaining pinball-metroidvania just above SteamWorld Dig 2; in truth, they are very similar in quality as well as general feel.
  14. SteamWorld Dig 2
  15. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  16. Super Meat Boy
  17. Gato Roboto
  18. Arcade Archives: VS Super Mario Bros
  19. The Flame in the Flood
  20. The Way Remastered
  21. Slime-san
  22. Sonic Mania
  23. Dig Dog
  24. Kid Tripp
  25. Super One More Jump
  26. Super Box Land Demake — I enjoyed some levels of this box-pusher a lot, but many were too basic and the overall package was on the slim side.
  27. GoNNER
  28. Demolition Crew — Still need to revisit this one before review. It’s a decent concept, but the implementation has some significant flaws.
  29. Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong
  30. Ding Dong XL
  31. Box align — I really didn’t enjoy this 3d puzzler, mainly because of the awkward mechanics and the not-very-thrilling concept.