Switch Notes: Baba Is You

  1. Baba Is You is a 2d, grid-based puzzle game in which, by default, your aim is to move Baba, turn-by-turn, to the Flag
  2. But you can change the rules: everything from “wall is stop” to “flag is win” is a collection of tiles, in the level, which can be moved and rearranged to alter almost everything about the game
  3. Baba Is You really requires you to stop and think, often even with hands off the controller; it’s one of the slowest games I’ve played
  4. It’s very difficult, too
  5. But, in one of the greatest pieces of game design I’ve seen recently, it has an undo action — this is an absolute must
  6. The graphics are very basic, old-school block colour & low-res, but they animate in a frantic vibrating kinda way, which is quite charming
  7. The puzzles really challenge you to think in very different ways, and they often combine semantics, physicality, and timing
  8. The game contains over 200 levels, but can be finished in as few as 27
  9. The game costs £11.29 and that is excellent value
  10. Baba Is You was created by Arvi Teikari between 2017—2019 and, wonderfully, is still being developed