I’m not (currently) asking for any payment for any of the software I produce, or anything I contribute to.

I’m not (currently) seeking sponsorship, or advertisers, or any form of income that would affect the content and editorial independence of this site.

If you email me with a question, chances are I’ll reply and I won’t expect anything in return.

I’d like it all to stay that way.

That was all a rather long-winded way of explaining (pleading?) that I will continue to provide all of this, and more, as long as I can afford to. Any donations, great or small, will go towards that effort.

If you wish to, you can support me on patreon, buy me a coffee or, er ... buy me a ko-fi.

If you can’t afford a donation, I’d 💚 it if you could come join me on Twitter — it’s appreciated just as much!

Thank you!