All Nintendo Switch games

This is a list of all Nintendo Switch games that I’ve played, in approximate order of preference. This is just my opinion, which is highly subjective and is based purely on how I’m feeling today. I plan to revise the list regularly; titles may go up as well as down.

I’ll add a brief comment alongside a game, where relevant. For this first iteration, I’ll simply add a note for each of the top ten.

Games in italics are awaiting review. They are strong candidates for moving in the list when that review happens.

  1. Breath of the Wild — simply the showcase title for the Nintendo Switch. A stunning visual experience, an enormous, fully-realised world to explore, and classic Zelda gameplay translated to an open 3d environment.
  2. Super Mario Odyssey — like a more-accessible version of Breath of the Wild, with added platforms. Stuffed with moments of pure joy, this is the greatest Mario incarnation yet.
  3. Hollow Knight — vast, atmospheric, tough-as-nails, this metroidvania takes aim at the whole genre and blows it out the water.
  4. Golf Story — A quirky, amusing meld of two genres: sports game & RPG. Exactly the sort of innovative, exclusive title that thrives on the Switch.
  5. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe — ‘Just’ a port, this is still classic 2d platforming at its best. It offers little new, but what’s here is about as polished as it gets.
  6. Celeste — level after meticulously-crafted level tests a range of platforming skills and players’ ability to learn the perfect route through each.
  7. Gato Roboto — short, but oh-so sweet. A tight, fairly easy metroidvania with gorgeously simple pixel graphics and adorable animation.
  8. Dig Dog — another small, pixely, retro delight, this is a roguelike that invites pick-up-and-play sessions and longer runs alike.
  9. Steamworld Dig 2 — yet another metroidvania, this is a perfect compromise between the unfathomable length of Hollow Knight and the bitesize snippet that is Gato Roboto.
  10. Don’t Starve — A survival game with sandbox elements which works almost as well with a gamepad as a mouse & keyboard. Lots and lots of content and a perfect difficulty curve.
  11. Super Meat Boy
  12. The Way Remastered
  13. Arcade Archives: Vs. Super Mario Bros
  14. Kid Tripp
  15. The Flame in the Flood
  16. Slime-San
  17. Mario Kart 8
  18. Super One More Jump
  19. Sonic Mania
  20. Ding Dong XL
  21. GoNNER
  22. Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong
  23. Thimbleweed Park (unplayed)
  24. Grim Fandango (unplayed)

I’m surpised I ended up placing Super Mario Odyssey above Hollow Knight, but this is possibly a small piece of objectivity shining through. I think I prefer Hollow Knight, but realise Super Mario Odyssey is, really, a better game.